Magical Kashmir

Duration: 5 Nights / 6 Days
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Magical Kashmir - Itinerary

Day 1: Srinagar
Meet Travelguru's assistant on arrival at Srinagar and transfer to hotel. Later in the afternoon enjoy Boat Ride on Dal Lake. Experience the scenic extravaganza of Kashmir and enjoy the profusion of colors in the Paradise on Earth. While returning visit to the local crafts market and see the fine carved hand-made articles from Paper Machine & wood of a walnut. Stay overnight at Houseboat in Srinagar. (Dinner)

Day 2: Srinagar - Sonamarg - Srinagar
After breakfast leave for full day excursion trip to Sonamarg, situated at an altitude of 9000 Ft. Sonamarg – 84 Kms also known as "The meadow of gold", has its backdrop, snowy mountains against a cerulean sky. Ponies can be hired for the trip up to Thajiwas glacier, which is a major local attraction during the summer. Stay overnight at houseboat in Srinagar. (Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 3: Srinagar - Pahalgam (96 Kms / 3 hrs - One Way)
After breakfast check out and transfer from Srinagar to Pahalgam - "Valley of Shepherds". On arrival, check-in at Hotel. In Pahalgam, enjoy the nature & walk around the banks of River Lidder. Pahalgam is famous for some trekking routes & is the base camp for Amarnath Pilgrimage. Stay overnight at Pahalgam. (Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 4: Pahalgam
Spend day at leisure, exploring the surrounding areas of Pahalgam. Stay overnight at Pahalgam. (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 5: Pahalgam - Srinagar
After breakfast transfer to Srinagar, on your way en route visiting Awantipura Ruins of 9th Century and Mattan Temple Complex. Later visit Shankaracharya Temple, Mogul Garden "Nishat" (The Garden of Pleasure) and "Shalimar" (Abode of All). Also enjoy a drive along the lake side on the Boulevard can be rewarding. Stay overnight at Hotel. (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 6: Srinagar - Gulmarg - Srinagar (54 Kms, 8700 ft, 2 Hrs One Way)
Today enjoy a full-day trip to Gulmarg - the "Meadow of Flowers" which is located at an altitude of 8700-ft. The place is known for its Ski Resort and the world's highest 18-hole Golf Course. You can also enjoy a Cable Car Ride or a Gondola ride. Return to Srinagar for dinner and stay overnight at hotel. (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 7: Depart Srinagar
After breakfast check out and transfer to airport for your return flight. (Breakfast)

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