Magical Kashmir

Duration: 5 Nights / 6 Days
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Starting price per adult Rs. 22,499
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Magical Kashmir- Overview

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Highlights of packages
  • Coral island tour with lunch in pattaya
  • Sri Racha tiger zoo in pattaya
  • Bangkok - temple and city tour
  • Safari World with Marine Park tour in Bangkok

Tour Cost

Ex Hub Per Adult Cost Extra Person Cost Child without Bed Cost
Ex - Srinagar INR 17,999* INR 10,699* INR 6,299*

Group Departure Dates

Departure Month Departure Date
May 04th, 18th

Hotel to be used or similar

Destination Standard Hotels No of Nights
Srinagar Deluxe Houseboat 02 Nights
Pahalgam Hamdard Resort or Similar 02 Nights
Srinagar Hotel Royal Khazir or Similar 02 Nights
Package includes
  • 06 Nights Accommodation on twin/ triple sharing for 06 Nights / 07 Days at above mentioned hotel or similar.
  • Meals - Breakfast and Dinner.
  • All transfers & sightseeing by Non AC Vehicle as per itinerary.
  • 01 Hours Shikara Ride on Dal Lake.
  • Meeting & Assistance on Arrival / Departure by Travelguru Rep.
  • Tour escort services throughout the tour.
  • All applicable taxes (13.5% VAT on F&B)
  • 06 Nights Accommodation on twin/ triple sharing at above mentioned hotel or similar.
  • Boat ride on Jhelam River through ancient city of Srinagar.
  • Theme Gala dinner.
  • Kawa - Kashmiri Tea/Coffee.
  • Special departure gift.
Package excludes
  • Items of personal nature like tips, laundry, telephone, beverages etc
  • Entrance fee / Local Guide / Hot lunch at any place during the tour
  • Any other services not mentioned in above inclusions
  • Cable Car / Pony ride in Pahalgam / Gulmarg / Sonamarg
  • Local running in vehicle in Pahalgam / Gulmarg / Sonamarg due to restrictions.
  • Airfare / Train fare
  • Above rates are subject to availability
  • Cancellation charges as per company policy
  • Room category in all packages are the base category rooms
  • Hotel Check - In Time: 12.00 P .M. and Hotel Check - Out Time: 12.00 P.M.
  • The Sightseeing Programme may be interchanged during the tour
  • In case we are not able to provide the same hotels as mentioned, then we shall provide similar alternate properties, change in the cost if any will be advised.
  • The above rates are not applicable from 10th Dec'2012 to 10th Jan'2013.
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