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Trans Himalayan

Duration: 5 Nights / 6 Duration: 7 Nights / 8 Dayss
Call us on 0124 4749 349

Starting price per adult Rs. 21,505
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Trans Himalayan- Overview

Why Book With Travelguru
  • Expert Assistance with Personal Touch
  • Transparency in Booking Procedures
  • Tailor-made Itineraries
  • Guaranteed Confirmation
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Best rates on Packages
Highlights of packages
  • Leh Sightseeing
  • Pangong Lake
  • Nubra valley
  • Sarchu sightseeing

Tour Cost Validity: Till 31st October 2013

Cost per person Standard Hotels First Class Hotels Deluxe Hotels
2 passenger INR 31,481* INR 32,631* INR 43,211*
4 passenger INR 21,505* INR 22,598* INR 33,293*
  • Above rates are on twin / double sharing per person basis for entire package

Hotels to be used or similar

Cities Standard hotels First-Class hotels Deluxe Hotels
Sarchu - 1 night Adventure Camp Adventure Camp Deluxe Camp
Leh - 4 nights Gawaling International Caravan Centre The Grand Dragon Ladakh
Uleytokpo - 1 night Deluxe Camp / Hotel Deluxe Camp / Hotel Deluxe Camp / Hotel
Nubra - 1 night Deluxe Camp / Hotel Deluxe Camp / Hotel Deluxe Camp / Hotel
Package includes
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis in Port Blair in above mentioned hotels or similar, as per the respective category package
  • Daily breakfast
  • Arrival & departure transfers
  • All sightseeing as mentioned in the itinerary by an exclusive Non-AC vehicle.
  • Havelock Island to and fro by cruise @ premium class seats
  • All entry and monument charges
  • All applicable Taxes
Cost excludes
  • Air/ship fare to & from Port Blair
  • Personal expenses like telephone, fax, internet, laundry, etc.
  • Lunch & dinner
  • Permit Fees, Snorkeling charges, Fun/Joy rides at Water Sports Complex and Camera Tickets at various places of sightseeing/tour
  • Above rates are subject to availability
  • Cancellation charges as per company policy
  • Room category in all packages are the base category rooms
  • In case we are not able to provide the same hotels as mentioned, then we shall provide similar alternate properties, change in the cost if any will be advised.
  • The above rates are not applicable from 10th Dec'2012 to 10th Jan'2013.

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