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Bardez, Goa - 403 516

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Nagoa Grande Hotel, Goa - Guest Reviews & Ratings

4.3/5 Excellent
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  • Room Quality (4.7)
  • Service Quality (3.7)
  • Dining Quality (3.3)
  • Cleanliness (4.7)

Nagoa Grande Hotel - Individual ratings and reviews:

ANTONY from MUMBAI(BOMBAY), India recommends this hotel - Posted: 06 Nov 2013


the hotel is okay for short stays, aircon needs service full of dust

  • Room Quality: 4/5
  • Service Quality: 2/5
  • Dining Quality: 2/5
  • Cleanliness: 4/5

TRILOCHAN RAO from NEW DELHI, India recommends this hotel - Posted: 09 Jul 2013


Considering this hotel's supposedly a 4-star property, below's a comprehensive run-down on what aligns vs. what does not... ======================================================================================================================================================================= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY: This hotel's value-for-money and worth staying during off-peak only. At tariffs hovering in the 7 - 10k range during peak, you could look at more value-accruing options. That said, for off-peak, IT INDEED OFFERS COMPELLING VALUE FOR OFF-PEAK SEASON AND WE WERE OVERALL, VERY SATISFIED WITH OUR EXPERIENCE. Our actual stay was for 07 nights because we had extended - first due to ticketing issues and the second due to GOSIG (greed-to-overstay-in-Goa) ;p ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A) STAFF: +i) [Competencies]: Friendly, courteous and adequate; -i) [Skills]: The Front-office staff I feel have a need to undergo soft skills (re)training especially when it comes to customer-engagement + sartorial nitty-gritties. You need to both look smart & work smart! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B) ROOM: +i) [Room]:Spacious (bottom-of-the-list "Superior Room"'s 14' x 12', excluding balcony, corridor & bath), very well appointed; -i) [Room]: No negative. +i) [Bathroom]: Spacious & well-appointed with concave shaving mirros, 110v socket, rain shower, hand-shower, an intercom & good quality toiletteries. The water V-P-Q (volume-pressure-quality) is excellent and top-line "Grohe" & "Jaquar" branded fittings ensure long-life & dependability. One guest review which spoke of non- availability of "separate hot N cold water" is completely ill-placed because there's a mixer to ensure optimum customization of the water temperature... By the way, they use solar heaters, & @ ~60% occupancy during our stay, they worked perfect. -i) [Bathroom]: Slippery granite tiles COULD BE a potential disaster especially for aged guests... This is the most deplorable aspect of this hotel perhaps; +i) [In-room Furniture/Amenities]: You get 01 work table-N-chair, 01 coffee table with 02 chairs, an UNSTOCKED mini fridge enclosed in a spacious cabin, a generous wardrobe with hangars, 02 bed-side cabinets, 01 outdoor table with 02 chairs for the balcony and a 6' bed with spring mattress + good quality bed-linen - all furniture's of good quality solid wood and not MDF; -i) [In-room Furniture/Amenities]: Furniture all across the hotel need a lick of varnish!; +ii) [In-room Furniture/Amenities]: The aircon's the best you can get in India - "O-General"; -ii) [In-room Furniture/Amenities]: Being of solid wood, pieces are heavy and it's very embarrassing to hear the grind of chair-legs just about anywhere when you push/pull... Good quality leg-shoes should do the job (?!); -iii) [In-room Furniture/Amenities]: The bed & spring mattress are not exactly for honeymooners if you know what I mean... They tend to give out signs unless used a bit carefully! MAYBE, a heavier/sturdier bed might help. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C) FOOD: +i) [F&B Menu]:Good taste, generous portions and stock menues spanning Indian, Continental, Oriental & Goan in addition to a stock bar-menu; -i) [F&B Menu]: Need to pre-check for for seasonal price-variations w.s.r.t. seafood items... To me, this seemed illogical given that at comparable restaurants outside, same/similar food was available at pricing AT PAR with the hotel's listed pricing. My logic: Seafood is sourced locally after all!!; +ii) [F&B Menu]: If your room package has complimentary breakfast, then good taste, generous variety (7+ items) and a daily changing buffet spread ensures a very satisfying kick-start to your day; -ii) [F&B Menu]: For vast majority of non-Indians and a few rare breed Indians like me, cold-cuts make for a very welcome inclusion in breakfast buffets... Maybe, these could be considered, no doubt, entirely subject to average guest profiles; +i) [F&B Service]: Courtesy, speed and friendly guidance ensures you get a service-level to your expectations with some level of menu-customization to suit your taste preferences; -i) [F&B Service]: None; +i) [F&B Infrastructure]: Factoring this 65-room hotel's total landsite area, the available 02 restaurants + a 24-hour room service ensures satisfaction across different appeals to discerning guests; -i) [F&B Infrastructure]: On lean days, they may keep airconditioning volume in restaurants calibrated... You just need to tell them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D) PARKING: +i) You don't even remotely need valet parking here! (I leave the essence of interpretation to the reader... If not, read the next line); -i) For a 65-room property, space enough for about 10 cars (including the perennially parked in-station cabs) and that too, on rather restricted "maneouvouring real- estate" is absolutely ridiculous; -ii) Since the property's bang on a curving road, concave safety mirrors on either side of the road are a must since there's almost a half-second blind spot when you exit the hotel, which can potentially, result in a traffic accident! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E) GUEST AMENITIES: +i) We did not use the Spa, but as goes the swimming pool, it's ~(35' x 15' x 4.5', zero slope) with supposedly continuous filtration system that's overlooked by lush-green, very well maintained gardens; -i) Believe it or not, but they just don't have a pool desk!!!!; +ii) There's Wi-Fi, but BY CHANCE, it was down during our entire stay... Issues from the service provider end as the staff put it across to us; In it's absence, I was given gratis access to the office to acess the internet when I needed it badly; -ii) I do NOT quite agree that a hotel with a 4-star rating can afford to wait-N-watch glitches being patched by the service provider... They DEFINITELY NEED TO GET GOING AND FIND A SOLUTION FROM WHEREVER FEASIBLE FOR Wi-Fi!! +iii) There's carroms, billards and gym should you be interested; -iii) Basics of basics like providing swimming gear (caps, swimwear, goggles) + strict implementation of rules is completely absent with the result that idiotic guests think nothing about getting in without a pre-shower and in case of ladies, even without caps!!!! We saw even bigger morons who never hesitated to dive in a 4.5 foot constant depth pool. WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY ARE THESE LACK OF ETTIQUETTES?!?!?!; -iv) A 4-star should have a well-lit pool to facilitate night-time swimming... The lightings there, but obviously not enough for swimming. -v) YOU JUST CANNOT CHARGE FOR Wi-Fi in a 4-star property... To explicitly say that it's chargeable is proposterous! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAFF MENTIONS: 1. Parab (F.O.M.) - coordinated action agenda for our requests... I would recommend that he ensures greater cohesiveness in his interactions + request implementations 2. Sandeep - ensured our concerns were addressed, albeit, late but effectively... It was his intervention that got things finally off the ground 3. Michelle (F.O.E.) - offered us some very useful & friendly tourism guidance 4. Rishula (F.O.E.) - managed room billing 5. Rianna (reservations) - managed my booking, but I can't really say the addressal was effective or to our expectations w.s.r.t. timely communication 6. Suraj (bell desk) - was helpful, smiling and ever-courteous 5. Madhu (house-keeper) - efficient worker & charmed us with his highly creative decorations of bath towels - a different towel-fold design each day was very welcome! 6. Restaurant staff - I do not know their names, but all of them were courteous and helpful. Hope the above helps! Cheers! TR

  • Room Quality: 5/5
  • Service Quality: 4/5
  • Dining Quality: 4/5
  • Cleanliness: 5/5

SUBRATA from BANGALORE, India recommends this hotel - Posted: 05 Apr 2013


I found our room to be very clean and well furnished. The balcony was a great place to relax. The room service was good. The only thing they need to improve is have more bath towels in the bathroom. The pool was very well maintained.

  • Room Quality: 5/5
  • Service Quality: 5/5
  • Dining Quality: 4/5
  • Cleanliness: 5/5