Nalla Eco Friendly Beach Resort

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Aalamarathu Street, Pondicherry - 605 014

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Nalla Eco Friendly Beach Resort, Pondicherry - Guest Reviews & Ratings

3.0/5 Good
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60.0% of our customers recommend this hotel.
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Average Guest Rating

  • 15
  • Room Quality (2.6)
  • Service Quality (2.2)
  • Dining Quality (2.6)
  • Cleanliness (2.8)

Nalla Eco Friendly Beach Resort - Individual ratings and reviews:

ARVIND from BANGALORE, India does not recommend this hotel - Posted: 12 Feb 2013


The hotel has got perfect location. Very near to sea beach. However they don't have a direct sea view rooms. You have got to peep through your window to get a glance of sea. Room were not cleaned properly. we were shocked to sea dirty bedsheet and pillow cover whose colors had changed from white to dirty yellow. But they changed it after our request with a unhappy look. Room was not having toothpaste which had to request for. Once we ordered toilet soap and they take it ages to bring it. Staffs are not trained and they dont know even basic hospitality courtesy. I must the manager there(dont remember the name) was very helpful and very good nature guy but I think he was manager there just for namesake it was ruled by some other guys who may be close relative of resort owners(not sure though). Overall property is very good nicely located but rooms are poorly maintained, room service is pathetic and staff need some basic training on hospitality.

  • Room Quality: 2/5
  • Service Quality: 1/5
  • Dining Quality: 2/5
  • Cleanliness: 2/5

SURAYANARANYAN from BANGALORE, India does not recommend this hotel - Posted: 30 Jan 2012


Price for the room I booked was too high as facilities provided were not at all up to the mark.

  • Room Quality: 1/5
  • Service Quality: 2/5
  • Dining Quality: 2/5
  • Cleanliness: 1/5

DHRUBA JYOTI from BENGALOORU(BANGALORE, India recommends this hotel - Posted: 27 Nov 2011


I had a good experience in this hotel the rooms are well maintained and with nice furniture�s. This hotel is located in beach and the best thing about this hotel is its staff they are very nice and helpful and the food was too good. The only thing which I did not like was that this hotel was under construction when I reached over there, hence I would think before recommending this hotel to anyone.

  • Room Quality: 3/5
  • Service Quality: 4/5
  • Dining Quality: 4/5
  • Cleanliness: 3/5

AKSHAT from BENGALOORU(BANGALORE, India recommends this hotel - Posted: 15 Feb 2010


Access: The hotel is located on ECR right on the beach ,pretty close to the Pondicherry University and the famous Auro Beach. Rooms & the view: The rooms have a reasonably good view of the sea. The view looks good though the beach had local fishermen present almost all the time. Not a good sign if you wish to spend some quality time with your family on the beach. Food & Service: Not a good place to be in if you are looking to spend your time eating good quality cuisine for which the Pondicherry is famous for. The food is pretty ordinary and on couple of occasions, ants were seen crawling on the sugar cubes and in coffee as well. The serving staff seemed least concerned when it was pointed out to them. The service is pathetic. In the room that I stayed in, the trap below the sink in the bath was broken and in-spite of complaining thrice, it was not fixed till the end. The food service was even more horrible. On one occasion, even after taking the order twice the waiter came after some time & informed us that the food can not be served as the chef has left. On other occasions, waiters mixed up the order by serving tea when coffee was ordered or completely forgot to provide room service unless reminded 2-3 times. Price: At Rs. 3500 (approx), the sea-side view comes very costly considering the other things are below average or outright bad. If you would like to have a sea-side view in Pondicherry, you can find better options on ECR at a cheaper price & certainly better food & services.

  • Room Quality: 3/5
  • Service Quality: 2/5
  • Dining Quality: 2/5
  • Cleanliness: 3/5

KISHORE from BENGALOORU(BANGALORE, India recommends this hotel - Posted: 28 Dec 2009


Access: This resort is approx 9kms away from the railway station. Auto guys try to rip you off asking for 300rs for this short trip (I can go from one corner of Bangalore to another and come back in 300rs in Auto). Bargain and you will get there in Rs 150. Its on the ECR, opposite to Pondy university. But the approach road from ECR into the resort is VERY narrow.. barely a SUV can get in. Parking: Ample parking available inside the resort (its open parking though). It can take in approximately 10-12 cars without any issues. Reception: Guy at the reception was good and was able to check me in in less than 5 minutes. He knew English, which was good as my Tamil was patchy. Room: The deluxe a/c room was not bad, it was big enough for 2 people to stay. Had a pretty big bathroom and it was very clean. First thing my wife checks when she gets into a hotel room is its bathroom and she was satisfied (which in itself is an achievement). Restaurant: Now here is where trouble started. The guys in there taking orders were 3 chinese guys! Wonder what they were doing in Pondi... they had great difficulty understanding us and vice versa. It took me 5 minutes and 4 waiters to tell them I needed bread omlet with orange juice! huh! Even though there were only 3 tables being served, they took more than 15 mins to get our orders and the omlet was cold. Quality of food: We had breakfast and lunch in this place. Breakfast as I mentioned already was cold, but lunch was ok. The chapathis were hot and the prawns curry tasted good. Prawns were fresh and quantity good. Avoid Chicken, it tasted stale and half cooked. Luckily, waiter during lunch was able to speak and understand English. Beach: Beach was just 2 mins walk from the resort, through its back entrance. Beach was very clean and had no one else but us enjoying it (except few fisherman going around). The beach was steep, so we didnt dare going in a lot into it.. but had fun. Very scenic too. Checkout: Check in and checkout at 12noon, but guys were flexible. Allowed us to check in at 10am and check out at 2pm. Facilities: Has NO facilities.. you can do nothing in there, other than enjoying the beach. It had no games or sports (other than cricket gear, which is waste for 2 people with one fairer sex). It had internet connection though. Overall: Its value for money, if you go through travel guru, as it was almost 1000rs less than what it would have been had I went directly through Nalla resort. Just go there to be laid back and enjoy the beach without having to worry that ur clothes will get wet.

  • Room Quality: 4/5
  • Service Quality: 2/5
  • Dining Quality: 3/5
  • Cleanliness: 5/5