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  • Atash Behram
    May 27 2016

    Udvada Atash Behram – The Temple of Fire

    The place of worship of Zoroastrians is called a Fire Temple, which in Persian is Dar-e-Mehr and in Gujarati is called the Agiyari. In Zoroastrianism, fire along with water are considered agents of ritual purity. There are around 50 fire temples in Mumbai, 100 in the rest of India and 27 in the rest of […]

  • Ladakh
    May 25 2016

    The Essential Ladakh Checklist

    Come June and people start looking forward to plan their trips to Ladakh; June to September being the best months to visit this hilly region. Beautiful and surreal, Ladakh will steal your heart away with its lofty peaks—many a times snow-capped—old-world Buddhist monasteries, sparkling lakes and colourful prayer flags. It’s at once charming and dangerous […]

  • Paris
    May 23 2016

    Parisian Romance – Top 5 Things to do in Paris

    There’s nothing about Paris that isn’t romantic. The quiet alleyways, the shaded boulevards, the cobblestone streets… everything whispers love, passion and charm. No holiday in this French city can be dull and no couple will ever go back home disappointed. Be it looking down at the Parisians from your vantage point up on the Eiffel […]

  • Cafe
    May 20 2016

    Top 5 New Cafés in Mumbai

    Cafés nowadays are much more than just coffee and sandwiches. We’ve graduated from the homely, familiar South Indian and Irani cafés that served filter coffee in a steel cup – not that those cafés are any less dear to us – to cafés that offer a classy and hip ambience. You can watch many a […]

  • Jammu & Kashmir
    May 16 2016

    Jammu & Kashmir is “Best Romantic Destination” of India

    Once again, beauty and grace have triumphed over everything else and our very own paradise on earth has been named the best romantic destination in India. Jammu & Kashmir, as we all know, has long been the most sought-after destination by honeymooning couples for its grand sights and nostalgic ambience. The snow-capped peaks, the meandering […]

  • Adventure Destinations
    May 13 2016

    Top 5 Adventure Trips in the World

    The world is a fascinating place filled with wondrous places and strange creatures. The number of scary and exciting things to do here is insurmountable, but these are exactly the kind of things that define our lives and our selves. Some of us like to relax and spend some quiet time by the sea, while […]

  • Indonesia
    May 11 2016

    Top 5 Romantic Destinations in Asia

    It’s not just Europe that packs a punch where romantic destinations are concerned. Asia is as much abounding in gorgeous, spell-binding destinations as any other continent, and can be travelled to in half the price! This is why Asian countries, islands and cities are fast becoming the go-to destinations for honeymooning couples or couples who […]

  • Airport Fashion
    May 09 2016

    Fly in Style — Top 7 Celeb Trends

    Celebrity airport style is all about comfort, class and confidence. You just can’t travel from one corner of the world to another, multiple times a month, without feeling comfortable. Be it air travel or any other travel, comfort is something that trumps fashion, any time. But our celebs have managed combining the two and carrying […]

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