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  • Kumbh Mela
    Jul 03 2015

    Top 5 reasons to attend the Kumbh Mela 2015

    How exciting would it be to experience the world’s largest religious gathering first-hand? It’s a matter of great pride that this religious gathering is held in India, and that people from all over the world flock here to be a part of it. What are we talking about, you ask? We’re talking about the Kumbh […]

  • Dark places
    Jul 01 2015

    7 strangest places in the world

    All of us would agree that the world is a truly strange place. Its people, its nature, its places―everything is strange and beautiful in its own right. Some places make you take in a sharp breath in delight while others knock the wind out of you in terrible fear. Be that as it may, all […]

  • Around the world
    Jun 29 2015

    London, Bangkok and NY most searched travel destinations

    According to a recent survey, London has topped the list of the most searched travel destinations by Indian travellers. Followed by Bangkok and New York, cities like Abu Dhabi, Paris and Toronto are the hottest up and coming holiday destinations for Indian travellers, according to a global travel search site. A spokesperson for the travel […]

  • Jagannath Temple, Puri
    Jun 26 2015

    Jagannath Temple – Of culture and legends

    The Jagannath Temple in the quaint city of Puri in Odisha is one of the most sacred Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Jagannath. The presiding deities of this temple are Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra. This temple is an important place of pilgrimage for people who are devotees of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu, […]

  • Caving
    Jun 24 2015

    A beginner’s guide to Caving – Tips and Tricks

    Humans are innately curious. One doesn’t have to teach them to wonder and question what lies beyond those hills or how it must feel deep under water. As such, we could say that humans are born adventurous. It’s how we develop that trait that decides if we like adventures later in life or not. Some […]

  • Party
    Jun 22 2015

    Top 5 party hotspots in the world

    Parties are a time to just let your hair down and have a good time. It’s a completely different kind of ambience when the drinks are flowing, the music is booming and people are transported into worlds of their own making. There are tons of party destinations all across the world known their exceptionally hip […]

  • Butter Chicken
    Jun 17 2015

    An ode to the most popular Indian delicacies – Part 1

    India is the land of food. No, we aren’t exaggerating; you will find the best of all worlds here, but what comes out the winner is our very own Indian food. Flavourful and drool-worthy, Indian food will make you cry tears of frustration after you eat a particularly spicy dish, or make you grin in […]

  • India
    Jun 15 2015

    India ranks 52nd in global travel and tourism list

    In another major boost to the Indian Travel & Tourism Industry’s morale, India has ranked 52nd in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) global travel and tourism list. India moved up 13 places on the list of countries ranked for their travel and tourism competitiveness. Spain has topped this list followed by France, German, the US, […]

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