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  • Backpacking through Europe – My Journey
    Feb 10 2015

    Backpacking through Europe – My Journey

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    Backpacking is not easy. Especially if you’ve just come out of college and it’s your first trip to Europe, and you decide to go ahead with your plan all alone. It’ll be fun, you say to yourself. But it can end in a total disaster, on the other hand. Fortunately for me, it was much […]

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  • Valentines day with Travelguru
    Feb 05 2015

    Top 10 Valentines Day destinations in India

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    Valentines Day is just round the corner and it’s time again for lovers all over to show how much their partners mean to them. Elaborate preparations of a candlelit dinner under the sprawling vastness of the night sky sure sounds like an excellent idea. But how about escaping to an exciting new location around the […]

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