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  • Paradesi Synagogue
    Oct 12 2015

    Synagogues in India – A quick guide to the Paradesi Synagogue

    India is the land where all major religions co-exist and thrive. Since time immemorial, the people of India have helped grow and strengthen myriad different religions and faiths, thus helping create innumerable cultural identities that have made the country as diverse as it is today. Some of the world’s major religions have taken strong roots […]

  • Navratri
    Oct 09 2015

    Navratri – The Nine Nights Extravaganza!

    Dedicated to Goddess Durga and her infinite strength, grace and power, Navratri is a festival that celebrates womanhood and the feminine shakti. This festival commemorates the nine forms of Goddess Durga, and the tenth day is celebrated as Dussehra. In Sanskrit, the term Navratri means nine nights and is a dynamic extravaganza of nine beautiful, […]

  • Times Square, NYC
    Oct 07 2015

    TG Picks – The world’s most culturally rich cities

    We go different places to take in the awe-inspiring sights and sounds befitting dreams. The world is a big place and if we had to visit each and every corner of it, we’d be enriched with so much new culture and heritage we’d be drowning in it. And for true travellers, nothing is better than […]

  • Air travel
    Oct 05 2015

    India has highest growth in domestic air traffic globally

    India is now enjoying status as the fastest growing air travel market globally, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This is thanks to low fares and the introduction of newer airlines that India is currently seeing an increase in the growth in domestic air traffic in the world. The International Air Transport Association […]

  • Mount Mary Church
    Oct 02 2015

    Mount Mary Church – A suburban surprise

    More commonly known as Mount Mary Church, The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, is a Roman Catholic Basilica located in the suburbs of Bandra. Most people would know Mount Mary for its delightful fair, known as the Bandra Fair. Visited by thousands of people every year, the Bandra Fair takes place after the […]

  • World Map
    Sep 30 2015

    Top 6 tips for international travel

    There aren’t many things as exciting as travel, and if you plan to travel internationally, then nothing like it! As exciting as international travel is, there’s a good chance that you may end up overlooking some important details in your excitement before you set off. And there are quite a few details to take care […]

  • Solo woman traveller
    Sep 18 2015

    Travel trend – Remarkable increase in the number of solo Indian women travellers

    According to a recent survey, there is a noticeable increase in the number of solo Indian women travellers. While it may be hard to believe given the recent reports of violence against women, studies have shown that an increasing number of Indian women have gone on solo trips or are planning one. The survey that […]

  • Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani
    Sep 16 2015

    A little sweet, a little spicy – 5 Eid delicacies you must try!

    Eid, be it Eid ul-Fitr or Eid al-Adha, is as much about great food as it is about spending time with family and loved ones. While Eid ul-Fitr is known for all of its variety of sweet food and is hence called “Sweet Eid”, Eid al-Adha or Bakr-Eid is known as “Salty Eid” for its […]

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