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  • Diwali Sweets
    Nov 05 2015

    Top 5 Diwali delicacies – Have a Delicious Diwali!

    Diwali should probably be renamed from “Festival of Lights” to “Festival of the Foodies”. Really, no kidding. All the weight that you managed to lose after a lot of hard work in the gym, there are great chances of you gaining it all back. Diwali is a festival that is all about rich food. Sweets […]

  • Air Travel
    Nov 03 2015

    Air travel to cost 2% more to improve regional connectivity

    Travellers can expect a 2% increase in airfare between metros and other big cities next year onwards. The Government has decided to levy 2% more from next year in order to enhance regional connectivity by air. Flight fares to and between small towns will be limited to Rs. 2,500 per hour. The airlines’ cost of […]

  • Diwali
    Oct 29 2015

    5 Best destinations to celebrate Diwali at

    Now that the long Diwali holiday is on its way, everyone has started making vacation plans with friends and family. And why not? The weather in November would be nippy if not cold, and you’d get the chance to experience the festival of lights some place new! Diwali vacation is the best time to set […]

  • Sadhya
    Oct 21 2015

    A Keralite Delight – Top 5 delicacies from Kerala

    Known across the world for its flavourful and tangy food, a trip to Kerala is just the thing you need to escape on a gastronomical journey. Take off to God’s Own Country and taste the many magical delicacies that make the place fit for the Gods. The ambrosial sambar and the sinfully soft idlis await, […]

  • Jammu Kashmir
    Oct 19 2015

    JK Tourism participates in India Travel Mart 2015

    The Jammu and Kashmir tourism department participated in the 3-day India Travel Mart 2015 in Lucknow to promote pilgrimage tourism in the state. The team also organized a road-show during the event to promote all the travel and tourism products offered by Jammu and Kashmir, particularly pilgrimage tourism. The team was led by Special Secretary […]

  • Manali
    Oct 16 2015

    Top 5 adventure activities in Manali

    Imagine paragliding amid mighty mountains or trekking through snowy mountain trails. Or would you rather camp among cedar forests and go skiing on mountain slopes? No matter what your taste for adventure, Manali has something for everyone. Besides the obvious, in-your-face beauty of the place, Manali has a lot more to offer to the adventure […]

  • Neemrana, Alwar
    Oct 14 2015

    The Perfect Weekend – Top 5 romantic weekend getaways from New Delhi

    If you live in the capital, or are visiting the capital for a few days, you must take a quick weekend getaway with your partner. There are quite a few places you could visit from New Delhi, and many of them don’t take much time to get to, making them perfect for a weekend trip. […]

  • Paradesi Synagogue
    Oct 12 2015

    Synagogues in India – A quick guide to the Paradesi Synagogue

    India is the land where all major religions co-exist and thrive. Since time immemorial, the people of India have helped grow and strengthen myriad different religions and faiths, thus helping create innumerable cultural identities that have made the country as diverse as it is today. Some of the world’s major religions have taken strong roots […]

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