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  • Pet friendly hotels
    Oct 03 2016

    A vacation with your furry pal! 5 pet-friendly hotels in India

    “Peace, love and muddy paws” – Anonymous If you ask a pet lover, he or she would define an ideal vacation as the one where they get to take their furry friend along. This might sound impossible but trust us, it’s not. If you want to explore the beautiful sites of India and want to […]

  • October Festivals
    Sep 30 2016

    Festive Fever: Celebrations are on this October!

    “The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals” – Siddharth Katragadda From the dawn of January to the dusk of December, India remains immersed in a number of festivals celebrated in every part of the country. Needless to mention, every Indian festival has its importance and is beautiful in its own way. […]

  • Best Places to Travel in October
    Sep 28 2016

    Best places to travel in October

    “Let’s find some beautiful place together” – October Bringing in not one but many reasons to celebrate, October is that month of the year which kick starts the holiday season with gusto. With festivals like Dusshera and national holidays like Gandhi Jayanti falling in this month, people get an excuse to skip the hustle and […]

  • world tourism day
    Sep 26 2016

    World Tourism Day 2016: #Tourism4all

    Started by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in the year 1980, World Tourism Day is celebrated every year at 27th September. This year, the day will be marked in Bangkok with a number of events focusing on the theme of “Tourism for All – Promoting Universal Accessibility”. As per the United Nations Secretary-General […]

  • Yoga While Travelling
    Sep 23 2016

    Yoga for travellers

    “A day without yoga is like a sundae without sprinkles” – Emma Mildon A leisure or business trip can be exhausting for the mind and body. Therefore it’s important to maintain a sense of balance to calm down your spirit and ease out the tension. What else could be better than being a travelling yogi. […]

  • navratri-amitabh-bachchan
    Sep 19 2016

    #TGNavratriDhoom: 9 things to expect during Navratri!

    It’s that time of the year when some look forward to the garba nights and others want to join in the grand Durga Puja celebrations. People’s enthusiasm and post Navratri withdrawal symptoms can be seen in every nook and corner of the city. The excitement levels are on an all-time high and here is a […]

  • Travel Horoscope
    Sep 16 2016

    #VacationHoroscope: Where to travel as per your zodiac sign

    “The stars will guide you to your next travel destination” – anonymous It’s almost end of the year and you have only used a few of your vacation days. We know picking a travel destination can be a tricky task, but we will make it as simple as throwing a dart at a map. There […]

  • Rio Paralympics
    Sep 12 2016

    Rio Paralympics 2016: A historic win for India

    Nothing can describe the feeling of seeing our flag raised up high. It is a feeling of immense pride and a sense of belonging to something bigger. Indians experienced such a moment on September 9, 2016. With Mariyappan Thangavelu creating history by bagging the first-ever gold for the country and Varun Bhati clinching bronze at […]

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