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  • Travel Horoscope
    Sep 16 2016

    #VacationHoroscope: Where to travel as per your zodiac sign

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    “The stars will guide you to your next travel destination” – anonymous It’s almost end of the year and you have only used a few of your vacation days. We know picking a travel destination can be a tricky task, but we will make it as simple as throwing a dart at a map. There […]

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  • Dark places
    Jul 01 2015

    7 strangest places in the world

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    All of us would agree that the world is a truly strange place. Its people, its nature, its places―everything is strange and beautiful in its own right. Some places make you take in a sharp breath in delight while others knock the wind out of you in terrible fear. Be that as it may, all […]

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  • 5 ways to save money
    Jun 03 2015

    5 ways to save money (and a lot of your anger) on your travels

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    Your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go. You’re so excited that your face may just break away from your body any moment. There’s no reason NOT to be excited, of course, but people tend to overreact in such cases. And more often than not, it’s your wallet that is going to hurt the […]

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  • Backpacking through Europe – My Journey
    Feb 10 2015

    Backpacking through Europe – My Journey

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    Backpacking is not easy. Especially if you’ve just come out of college and it’s your first trip to Europe, and you decide to go ahead with your plan all alone. It’ll be fun, you say to yourself. But it can end in a total disaster, on the other hand. Fortunately for me, it was much […]

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