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  • Sadhya
    Oct 21 2015

    A Keralite Delight – Top 5 delicacies from Kerala

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    Known across the world for its flavourful and tangy food, a trip to Kerala is just the thing you need to escape on a gastronomical journey. Take off to God’s Own Country and taste the many magical delicacies that make the place fit for the Gods. The ambrosial sambar and the sinfully soft idlis await, […]

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  • Jalebi
    Aug 21 2015

    An ode to the most popular Indian delicacies – Part 2

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    In Part 2 of the list of the most popular Indian delicacies, we’ll be talking about some of the very best, mind-numbingly delicious food that India has to offer. Mere words can’t describe or help you anticipate the rush of awesomeness that you will feel when you take a bite out of the luscious, dripping-with-heavenly-goodness […]

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  • Butter Chicken
    Jun 17 2015

    An ode to the most popular Indian delicacies – Part 1

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    India is the land of food. No, we aren’t exaggerating; you will find the best of all worlds here, but what comes out the winner is our very own Indian food. Flavourful and drool-worthy, Indian food will make you cry tears of frustration after you eat a particularly spicy dish, or make you grin in […]

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  • Mumbai street food
    Apr 15 2015

    7 Mumbai food joints you must try!

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    Apart from the usual culprits like the countless vada pav and chaat stalls in Mumbai, or the upmarket restaurants we have a myriad other options when it comes to bingeing. There are food joints that make up the middle ground between street stalls and posh restaurants that are a definite must-try. We also have areas […]

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