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  • Valentines day with Travelguru
    Feb 05 2015

    Top 10 Valentines Day destinations in India

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    Valentines Day is just round the corner and it’s time again for lovers all over to show how much their partners mean to them. Elaborate preparations of a candlelit dinner under the sprawling vastness of the night sky sure sounds like an excellent idea. But how about escaping to an exciting new location around the […]

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  • Ghostly Encounters - Top 5 spookiest destinations of India
    Dec 05 2014

    Ghostly Encounters – Top 5 haunted destinations of India

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    It’s time for some hocus-pocus on your next trip! From the forbidden monuments to the daunting residencies and ghoulish villages to the menacing cities, India is full of creepy adventures. The silent nooks and corners of this multi-faceted country whisper hair-raising tales of agonized spirits and vengeful ghosts. Take a candlelit tour through the mysterious […]

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  • Eco Tourism – A Catch Phrase or a Global Phenomenon?
    Oct 13 2014

    Eco Tourism – A Catch Phrase or a Global Phenomenon?

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    Eco tourism is not just a catchphrase, but also a better solution for a nature loving and recreational vacation. The idea of Eco tourism was hallowed for conserving and supporting the natural wealth of our Mother Nature, Earth. It also focuses on respecting the cultural and traditional environment preserved from a very long time. Ecotourism enables a more positive approach towards finding a solution for destructive […]

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  • Your Guide for that Perfect Hotel Booking
    Oct 10 2014

    Your Guide for that Perfect Hotel Booking

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    Hotel business is a fairly excellent and a rewarding business. While searching for a hotel, people generally plan, research and ask their friends regarding hotel facilities and savings. But like every business, Hotels do have their own secrets. In this article, we will look into some secrets which can make your next stay more comfortable […]

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