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Travelguru gives it cheap or free
9500 registered users in 2 weeks and still clicking…..

Mumbai, February 22nd, 2006:- Travelguru, India’s first online metasearch travel solutions company, which went live recently, today added more bang-for-the-buck by announcing the introduction of a compelling consumer promotion aimed at encouraging travelers to book their travel with Travelguru. Branded as 'Travel cheap or travel free', the offer guarantees a choice of the most attractive and lowest priced domestic airfares when travelers book with Travelguru. In short, if anyone finds a cheaper airfare, they get to travel free.

This is Travelguru’s way of assuring the users that the best deals are on offer at Anyone who finds a cheaper deal than what Travelguru offers will be given a ‘FREE’ ticket. For the user, the choice is between the best deal or flying free.

Mr. Ashwin Damera, co-founder and CEO of Travelguru, said, "We want consumers to get to experience first hand our biggest USP - which is our ability to bring the most affordable options in a transparent manner so that travelers can travel more for less. Through this promotion, we assure travelers that the best fares across all domestic airlines are available when they book with Travelguru. In addition to giving customers the best fares, we simplify their booking process - a few clicks or one phone call is all that is required. Since we give travelers a wide range of choice, they do not have to worry anymore about missing a good deal. It is with this confidence that we can offer a free ticket in case some one gets a deal better than what we can offer. How much more luckier can the traveler get?"

Adding further, Mr Damera said, “We got 9500 registered users in the first two weeks of the launch and it is only increasing. So, clearly we are filling a huge need for the consumers. We remain committed to providing them the best possible way to start their travel – which is the best price and the best options all guaranteed with the best in customer service. We are committed to being and retaining our position as Google in travel.”

The promotion is an attempt to showcase Travelguru’s unique proposition to travelers – which is an innovative and patented metasearch technology that enables it to provide travelers with more options at better prices than any other player in this space currently. Customers will be able to book their travel across 300 airlines and 500 hotels in India in a fast, convenient and reliable manner.

About Travelguru
Travelguru is a pioneering travel solutions company that offers travellers the opportunity to plan their travel in a transparent, hassle-free, quick and smart way. Strategic partnerships and alliances with travel industry leaders give Travelguru the edge as an aggregator of travel services. Backed by next generation, real-time, metasearch technology, Travelguru throws up a wider range of travel options for domestic and outbound international travelers. Promoted by two Harvard Business School alumni with significant travel, technology and corporate experience and a team of experienced professionals from industries such as hospitality, travel & trade, financial services and E-commerce, Travelguru is set to redefine the way India travels. Travelguru can be found on the World Wide Web at or can be reached by calling the company’s customer support center +91 - 22 - 4275 4878 (standard charges apply).