Travelguru Homestays
Travelguru Homestays

Travelguru Homestays

Discover and book unique homestays across India.
Apartments, bungalows, cottages, villas & more

Download the app and get the comfort of home, wherever you travel.

Why become a Host?

Earn money by sharing an extra space

Get acquainted with like-minded people

Share local stories & experiences

List the property
for free

Why become a Guest?

Relax in a home
away from home

Explore beyond
touristy trails

Get a taste of
the local culture

Save in more
ways than one

User Reviews

Jagwanti Sindhu

Awesome app! It's so nice to see that now you can book a homestay, be it in an apartment, villa or a cottage, that too without even signing up.

Mehul Chauhan

Feels like home even when you are away from home.

Anshul Verma

Great initiative! Solves lots of problems with short term and long term accommodation.

Siddharth Saxena

Nice initiative! This peer to peer collaboration is going to be the next big thing in the travel industry.