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Tea Gardens: Ooty is characterised by miles and miles of rolling hills of tea estates, which greet travelers at regular intervals. You can also take an appointment at a tea estate and watch the entire process of tea brewing.

Botanical Gardens: These are well-laid out gardens with shady trees and myriad range of flowers. The main attraction here is the fossilised tree trunk, believed to be almost 20 million years old. The garden is also a host to the Summer Festival held every year in May, with a grand Flower Show taking centre-stage.

Ooty Lake: This artificial lake is a favourite spot for boating. It also has a lake garden, a jetty, snack bars, pony rides and toy train rides.

Churches: Two of the well known churches in the area are the Union Church and Holy Trinity Church. Both of these have magnificent stained glass windows, intricately carved pews and quiet cemeteries. The oldest church in the Nilgiris is St Stephen's, characterized by its huge wooden beams. The Kandal Church houses a relic of the True Cross on which Christ was crucified.

Charing Cross: This is a road junction with is bordered by markets. You will find here the popular Spencers departmental store, which sells its own Planter's Special cigars, made of Indian tobacco.

Ootacmund Club: This is one of the most exclusive of British Clubs. The Ooty Hunt, which is a pursuit of jackals by hounds, is one of prime offerings of the club.

Ketti Valley: This is the 2nd longest in the world and offers enchanting views for miles, especially on a winter morning.

Adventure: Lots of adventure options to choose from. You can climb the highest peak at the Dodda Betta Mountain and catch glimpses of the Nilgiris. The Tourism Department also arranges hang-gliding courses from March to May every year.

Picnic Spots: Wenlock Downs is Ooty's most popular picnic spot and is a vast expanse of rolling hiils. Other picnic spots are the Ninth Mile and Sandy Nallah, which is also a spot for film shoots.

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