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What to See

Big Lake: This is the main attraction in this city located amidst the hills. It offers good opportunities for boating and 2 or 4 seater boats are available for hire.

Anna Park: Located next to the lake, this park is host to the Flower Show that takes place in the month of May.

Arthur's Seat: This vantage point offers a bird's eye view of the Big Lake, Yercaud Town and the Shevaroyan Peak.

Kiliyur Waterfalls: It is located 3 kms from the Yercaud Lake and the best time to visit it is right after the monsoons. The fall is 300-ft high and the water comes from the Yercaud Lake. A word of caution - the road to the falls is very narrow and steep. Trekking to the bottom of the falls takes over an hour and is recommended only for hardcore adventure enthusiasts.

Lady's Seat, Gent's Seat & Children's Seat: This is actually a cluster of rocks with a drop of about 200 ft down the valley. It has a mounted telescope that offers spectacular views of Salem town. Located to its right are two other similar rock formations, namely Gent's Rock and Children's Rock.

Pagoda Point: Also known as Pyramid Point, this is located on the eastern side of Yercaud Hills. It derives its name from four piles of random stones set in pyramid form. Today, it has a Rama Temple lying between these Pagodas, from where you can catch great views of Attur and Ayothiapattinam.

Silk Farm & Rose Garden: Another site that is visible from Lady's Seat, it lets you watch the cultivation of mulberries, the growing of silk worms and the method of spinning silk. The Rose Garden, as the name suggests, showcases a wonderful collection of roses and other nursery plants.

The Shervaroyan Temple: Located atop the Shervaroyan Hill, the temple itself is a narrow and dark cave and houses the god Shervaroyan and goddess Kaveri. It is believed that the temple's cave is so deep, it touches the Cauvery River. The annual festival is celebrated here in May.

Bear's Cave: Located within a private coffee estate, the main portion of the cave is located 7 feet below ground level and has a deeper gorge that is believed to lead to the Shervaroyan Temple.

Botanical Garden: This well-maintained botanical garden by the Botanical Survey of India contains a varied variety of plants. A must see here the Bell Rock, which makes a bell-like sound when struck with a stone. Also visit the Orchidarium, which houses a wide variety of native and rare orchids.

Monfort School: Established in 1917, the school has a vast campus, attractive buildings in granite and wood, beautiful gardens and a swimming pool. Remember to call the authorities for permission in advance.

Sri RajaRajeswari Temple: This is said to be the goddess of all gods in Hindu belief. In this temple the goddess RajaRajeswari is surrounded by different gods.

Tipperary View Point: This is the southernmost view point of Yercaud. You can catch a view of the Elephant Tooth Rocks, which is believed to be remnants of a meteorite that fell to earth. This rock is pure white, compared to the black granite available on the hills.

Yercaud Town: The main town is situated at an altitude of 4,700 ft. It has a number of seminaries and convents. The Monfort School and Sacred Heart Convent are the better known ones. Every Sunday there is a large Shandy Bazaar, where locally produced vegetables and fruits are sold.

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