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Arjuna Penance : This is one of the largest and most remarkable bas-reliefs ever. It is 27 meters long and 9 meters high has figurines of animals, demigods, beasts and birds. The cleft in the rock depicts the descent of Ganga on earth brought by King Bhagiratha. The most remarkable features of this relief are the two large elephants and the several scenes from Panchatantra.

Caves : The Varaha Cave has a mandapam that depicts the two incarnations of Vishnu - Varaha (boar) and Vimana (dwarf). Within it, there are several caves, with the Dharmaraja Cave containing three empty shrines. The Mahisasurmardini Cave is engraved with fine bas-relief. The opposite wall in the cave has a depiction of Goddess Durga fighting the demon Mahishasura. Another famous cave here is the Tiger Cave, which is located 5 kms from the city. No tigers reside here, and the cave gets its name from a solitary cave set among the rocks with a number of tiger heads carved around the temple.

Rathas : Located in southern Mahabalipuram, the Ratha Cave Temples are commonly known under the banner of Pancha Pandava Ratha (five chariots of the pandavas). Out of these five, four are carved out of a single rock, while the fifth is created out of a small rock. There is also an additional ratha carved out for Draupadi. Till date, the rathas are extremely well-preserved and their carvings as fresh as when they were originally created.

Krishna Mandapam : The Krishna Temple is one of the oldest rock-cut temples here. The walls of the temple are adorned with scenes of Krishna lifting the Govardhan Hill on his fingertips.

Shore Temple : The Shore Temple is the most familiar association one makes with Mahabalipuram. Located right next to the sea with the waves lashing against its walls, there are three shrines within. The first and third are dedicated to Shiva and the middle is dedicated to Vishnu. The compound walls of this temple are lined with sculptures of Nandi the Bull and figures of Vishnu are present in the sanctum sanctorum.

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