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There are a number of good restaurants and bars and you'll find quite a selection of international restaurants as well. Sample some of the most authentic Tandoori fare at the Taj Rambagh's amphitheatre. Suvarna, located at Rambagh as well, is a multi-cuisine restaurant.For more authentic fare, visit Chokhi Dhani, which serves delicious Rajasthani vegetarian meals, laced with desi ghee in traditional Rajasthani style. Some of the local delicacies and authentic dishes like gatte ki sabzi (besan dumplings simmered in a curd sauce), Dal Bati Churma (a local delicacy prepared with lentils, wheat ball and sweetened cereal) and Rajasthani Subji (Rajasthani vegetable) are some of the must-haves here. Don't miss out on the parathas (a flatbread which is usually made with wheat-flour, pan fried in ghee), and puris (wholegrain flattened palm size, deep fried in ghee/oil). For those with a sweet-tooth, get your hands on some Ghewar from the famous Lakshmi Misthaan Bhandaar, popularly known as LMB , a crunchy orange dish made with cottage cheese, which is a famous Rajasthani sweet dish.

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