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Bala Quila: This is a majestic fort that stands tall on a hill towering above the town of Alwar. The fort has 15 large and 51 small towers and its highlight is the Nikumbha Mahal located right on the top. The entire palace is decorated with marble columns and lattice-window balconies. There are six gates at the fort, namely Jai Pol, Suraj Pol, Laxman Pol, Chand Pol, Krishan Pol and Andheri Gate.

City Palace: Located below the fort, the City Palace is a fine example of the craftsmanship of that era. The central courtyard has a series of pillars resting on lotus flower bases. The palace houses a museum which displays a collection of royal memorabilia, including a drinking cup cut out of a single emerald. The museum also houses a rare collection of Persian and Sanskrit manuscripts, arms, musical instruments, bidri work, miniature paintings, stuffed animals, brass and pottery works as well as ivory work. Behind the palace is a pond which was constructed exquisitely for the royalty.

Sariska Palace: This was a hunting place laid down by the rulers of Alwar. The place has now been converted into a heritage hotel. Adjacent to it is the Sariska National Park, which is one of the best places to view wildlife from close quarters, especially the elusive tiger and some rare birds.

Neemrana Fort: Located on a cleft of a hill, this fort-turned-heritage hotel was once a Chauhan stronghold. Providing picturesque views of the entire region, the various rooms in the palace have quaint names like Sheesh Mahal, Chand Mahal and Surya Mahal.

Siliserh: A picturesque lake surrounded by lush green hilly slopes of the Aravalli, a boat ride across the pretty lake is a wonderful experience. The lake has a magnificent Palace on its banks called the Siliserh Palace, which has been converted into a heritage hotel.

Jain Temple: An ancient Jain temple dedicated to the eight Tirthankar is located here. The temple is extremely ornate with its elaborate carvings and paintings, and exquisite pillars and arches.

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