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Bibi-ka-Maqbara: Known as the Poor Man's Taj Mahal, the Bibi-ka-Maqbara standing pretty amidst ponds, streams and fountains, is almost a replica of the magnificent Taj Mahal. The monument was a tribute to Aurangzeb's wife, by her son, Prince Azam Shah and offers a picturesque view of the region.

Ajanta Caves: Listed amongst World Heritage sites, these caves are a fine example of Buddhist architecture. These are rock-cut caves which were actually carved out of a gorge by Buddhist monks. These caves used to serve as retreats for monks who taught and practiced Buddhism.

Ellora Caves: Another major attraction around Aurangabad, the caves have been carved out of the Charanandri Hills. There are 34 caves which contain Chaityas, monasteries and Hindu and Jain temples. The most imposing amongst these is the Kailasha Temple, which is also counted among the largest single monolithic structures in the world.

Aurangabad Caves: Yet another tourist attraction in the city, these caves have been dug out of soft rocks. A strong Hindu Tantric influence is visible in the architecture of the caves. The caves are distinguished in two separate groups called Western Group Caves and Eastern Group Caves. All caves within the complexes are intricately carved with scenes from the Jataka Tales, women with distinct hairstyles and ornamentation and figures of Buddha.

Panchakki: An engineering marvel of the medieval age, it was built by Malik Amba, and was used to grind flour for pilgrims. The peculiarity of this piece of engineering is the fact that it was powered by energy generated by water drawn from a spring on a mountain. The gardens and fish tanks here are laid in the memory of a Sufi-saint who was buried here.

Ghrishneshwar Temple: An 18th century temple, it is located half a kilometer from the Ellora Caves and is one of the five Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra.

Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary: The sanctuary is a dense forest reserve, with several rare flora and fauna. It is home to leopards, bears, wolves, hyenas, jackals, flying squirrels and over 85 different species of colorful birds.

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