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What to See

Janjira Fort: Located on the island of Janjira this 350 year old majestic fort is truly an architectural marvel. While once the fort boasted of 500 canons, today there are only a few left. A stone carving on the main entrance depicts six elephants trapped by a single tiger, which is the symbol of bravery of the Siddis. With its strong walls over 40 feet high standing intact, it has two natural sweet-water reservoirs set within the fort.

Palace of Nawab's & Janjira Caves: A visit back in time? Then head out to see the 16th century Nawab's Palace and the Janjira caves offer another attraction that one cannot resist.

The Temple of Lord Dattaraya: A temple dedicated to Lord Dattatraya, it sits on a hill and offers a complete view of the entire bay.

Nandgaon Beach: Renowned for its magnificent Ganpati temple, you can stop by here for a visit to pay respects. Especially visit it in February when a fair is held in honour of the god.

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary: Spread across 52.71 sq. km, the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is a must see. Primarily a bird sanctuary, Phansad is also home to a whole array of insects, amphibians and mammals. It is surrounded by the gentle hills and mangroves and a number of endemic flora and fauna species are found here.

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