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Ryewood Park: A honeymooners favourite, Ryewood Park is a garden laid out with tall trees and plenty of space for picnics. It also has a Shiva Temple within it. Opposite the park is an old Christian Cemetery, which has gravestones over hundred years old. However, most of the adornments from interesting tombstones have been stolen.

Bushy Dam: Located only 6 kms outside Lonavala, this dam is possible the most popular spots. It is especially packed during the monsoons, when a surge of crowd sits on the steps of the dam as the water flows behind them.

Duke's Nose: It is located about 12 kms from Lonavala and is one of the most prominent landmarks of the area. It derives its name from Duke of Wellington and is a popular hiking trail in Khandala that offers the most beautiful views of the region.

Forts: For an adventurous outing, there are several forts that dot the landscape of Lonavala. One of the most popular ones is the Lohagad Fort, which is so called because it was considered unconquerable. When climbing towards it, it also has several caves left behind by Buddhist monks and a dargah built by the Mughals. The Visapur Fort is located opposite Lohagad and is a much larger one. It has several water tanks, ponds and other ruins left by erstwhile chieftains. Another fort located closeby is the Tikona Fort that has an ancient Buddhist Cave and some water tanks. The Tung Fort, which was actually a watch tower is the closest to Tikona, and has ramparts that were lookout points for Lohagad, Visapur and Tikona forts as well as the Pawna Lake. While all these forts are located within close quarters of each other, the Koregad Fort stands alone and is flanked by several ponds.

Lakes: Lonavala has several lakes across its landscape. Tungarli Lake, which is best visited during and after the monsoon, retains deep waters till January, though by March the lake dries up. The Pawna Lake, Lonavala Lake and Valvan Lake offer great views and are popular sites for picnics.

Caves: Lonavala was the site of Buddhist occupancy for quite some time. As such, you will find here indelible marks left behind by monks. One of the most visited of caves is the Karla Caves, which is particularly noted for its rock-cut architecture and the two rows of decorated pillars present in the main hall. Located opposite the Karla Caves is the Bhaja Caves, whose rock-cut architecture is better preserved than the Karla Caves.

Fishing: Lonavala is an angler's delight and early mornings are the best time to watch anglers are work! Though fishing gear might be available here, it's advisable to come prepared you're your own. Remember to check with locals, though for illegal areas before you lay your bait!

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