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Tribal Cultural Museum: A must-visit here, the museum has on display a large number of tribal artifacts. You can explore here the vast world of tribal life. Watch some of the most exotic tribal ornaments, masks, hunting tools, fishing gadgets and even musical instruments. The walls are decorated with sharp arrows and mighty bows, as well as daggers, shields and rustic armors. A highlight of this museum - especially watch out for the clay and plaster models that depict the tribal lifestyle.

The Church Of Our Lady of Piety: This magnificent church was a construction of the Portuguese and is known for its lavish architecture and a tall steeple.

Vanvihar Tourist Complex: Deriving its name from the local deity, Hirva, this complex is situated 25Km from Mumbai Silvassa in Khanvel. The Sakartod River runs through the valley and with its green meadows and native-styled cottages it's absolutely mesmerizing. The misty waterfalls and rusted stonewalls with twin arches make you want to stay even longer.

Vanganga Lake: 5 kms from Silvassa, this forms one of the most pristine sights. A site for several film shootings, the placid lake offers an option of paddling through or just walking along its rustic wooden bridges.

The Lion Safari Park: One of the few places where lions aren't caged, this park is located at Vasona and is home to the Asiatic lion. Especially notable is the Lion Safari here, which covers a 50-acre area and provides a fabulous driving experience.

Water Sports Complex: Located on river Damanganga at Dudhni, this water sports complex is another major attraction. The vast expanse of water spread sets your spirits soaring high and you can also get a breathtaking view of the Madhuban Dam. Head out for a ride on the motor boat or simply rent out a rowing boat or canoe.

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